Quarantine Challenge #1

Campbell’s vs. Chef Boyardee

So most of us are stuck at home, no where to run no where to hide. So that means your stuck with me again. This time is figure we’d do things a little different let’s go back to the 80,s where foods would battle it out in mall taste test. Now instead of a radical tubular mall we have my elegant coffee table. And while I don’t have the feathered and quaffed hair I do have the power to draw you in with words.

Today’s challenge

Chef boy r dee spaghetti and meatballs vs. Campbell’s spaghetti and meatballs.

Now from first glance they are very similar both have a magical orange hue that match my designer fine China and also remind me of my best friends dad’s BMW 2002. But just like a big girl say it’s not what’s on the outside but the inside so lets take a taste and see where we end up. Note I’m down to the last roll of tp so I am truly living on the edge.

Now just at first glance at the cans. Campbell’s comes solid with a bigger can making the fat kid in me happy. Also trying to get some points with Mario and Luigi. Definitely saying it’s have a good time. Chef boyardee is on the can regal and majestic as always and I’m getting some abcs, 124,s so not only is a chef taking care of me I’m going to learn as well. So far a tie. With both I’m getting a solid experience for my fun side and my brain. Plus both come equipped with a pop top for easy access and for those wondering yes that is what she said,

Now down to the nitty gritty. Taste, taste taste. Truly not much to say. There is a reason both of these are magical for the quarantine. They are familiar. Now chef boyardee hits with a deep rustic taste where as Campbell’s is a little lighter. Campbell’s is straight forward you get the o,s boyardee a little more flexing with numbers and letters. Meatball wise they both come fairly strong, a fair amount in each can but Campbell’s does swing with some bigger balls. Overall you could do a lot worse through the crazy time of quarantine. Now go to the store grab a few cans. They will always be there for you. Keep a look out for quarantine challenge #2. And as always. Share with your friends, subscribe, and feedback is always welcome.

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