MJ’S Genesis Seafood and More- Experience.

We are still stuck in the days of quarantine. Now more than ever it’s important to support local businesses as we can. Go out and try a new spot, get a new experience not just to get out of the house, but to get out of your rountine and broden your horizon during these times.

Now MJ’s Genesis Seafood and More is defenitley off the beaten path. It’s where the Kool Spot in Beech Island was back in the day. And well if you don’t know Beech Island and are in the CSRA it’s where James Brown lived. It maybe a little bit of a drive for some folks, but its springtime the weather is great, time to hop on the Bike, or open up the sunroof and head down some backroads.

Most Seafood places have a pretty cookie cutter menu, Not MJ’s not only will you find the Alligator Dinner and Shrimp basket that I got. You will find items such as Bass, Perch, and Frog Legs.

Now as I said I ordered a Shrimp Basket that came with Fries and The Alligator Dinner that comes with Two Sides. Now when you think of Genesis you think of the bald amazing drumming and singing stylings of Phil Collins. Phil wasn’t there but these guys come smooth and quick with the service and once you taste the food you will definitely be “In Too Deep”.

Most seafood places that do fried offerings just have one batter and they put everything in it and it all taste the same, same oil same spice, same everything, these places you can order fried Styrofoam and it would taste the same as fried shrimp. That’s not the case with Mj’s Genesis seafood. you can tell by the look and smell, two different batters, two different oils, these boys are bringing the real deal to you. The shrimp has a light batter, you take a bite get a solid crispy buttery bite with a little spice then boom its all shrimp as the true flavor comes through. The gator, well its a heavier batter, but don’t let it fool you these pieces are all gator you take a bite get a great mixture of chew and crisp, then a burst of spice hits smooth the gator is cooked to perfection and as you can tell these are no cookie cutter bites these guys are wrasilin with the gator making the plate just for you, oh and the sauce with the gator is a match made in heaven.

So if your in the CSRA, take a nice spring drive and head down. #Supportlocal, #takeout, #Quarantine #Covid19 #Smallbusiness

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