Quarantine Challenge #2

Toaster Pastries AKA Pop Tarts

As we are all still staying at home staying safe I bring to you another quarantine challenge. For this challenge we go again to something familiar, cheap and easy to find. That morning favorite. Pop tarts. This is pop tarts vs. store brand.

Pop tarts bring me back to elementary school heating one up and eating it on the way to the bus stop. Good times, good memories.

As I look at both boxes both armed bright fun, brings your eyes in to welcome you wake you to a breakfast treat.

Now as we take out the packages the differences start. The store brand lets me know it’s strawberry faithful that I know what I’m putting in my mouth, now pop tarts no clue what flavor so without the box your playing a new quarantine game pop tart roulette. So pop tarts time to bring a multifavor box to the market and make it a game for the whole family.

As I take them out, one big difference. Hey pop tarts where’s the frosting. The store brand is covered where pop tarts definitely missing the mark. Through this tragedy we keep moving forward.

I place both in the toaster same temperature same time. Take them out and they look tasty a little browner.

Time to eat. I open them up so you can see the flavor now this is where pop tarts takes the lead. The store brand in a thin layer of red where pop tarts you can see you jelly and texture. Get in my belly. Both have that similar taste but pop tarts brings that filling. Definitely a challenge for the whole family.

During these times we must find little things to smile about. Mine is in sarcastic fun writing about food. Share this with your friends as my writing will get better and better. Subscribe and any feedback is great.

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