Quarantine Challenge #3

3 is the magic number so why not make the 3rd challenge just that magical. Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s Ramen and not just any Ramen Maruchan Instant Lunch.

Now being the good ex dorm living man I am, I know the tricks, adding soy sauce, cheese, egg, trust me you can take this from fast food to five star in seconds but we are doing this straight up now chaser.

We start with the number 1 contender and fan favorite chicken. Now the nice thing about the instant lunch there is no packet, much like a batch of your moms brownies the magic is stuck to the bowl. In this case its a yellow powder, and please for the love of god don’t try and snort this powder. Just pour water, put it in the microwave, and then pull it out stir it up and drain the liquid and no you can not do this with your wife so she won’t get pregnant. Now with the chicken its a light flavor actually in most cases the carrots take over but not a bad thing at all. It will give you that food boost and not kill you with flavor or salt.

Now on to the beef. This is not Wendy’s there is no asking where the beef is, as soon as you pop the top you get a strong hint of beef smell. And again, no cheating here no cheddar cheese, no bacon bits, just straight up Ramen. Now this definitely hits the plate harder than chicken you get slapped upside with a salty brown taste and for those still reading I’m above the obvious joke there. The beef feels a little more like a meal than a snack.

Now to the bastard child that is Shrimp. This is the one that you will find alive and well even after all the viruses hit, the atom bombs have been dropped and all virgin gamers have been laid. You will be able to find shrimp Maruchan Instant lunch on the shelves. Now im not sure why all the bad wrap here, The smell is a tad fishy but much less that you would expect it gives a nice soft flavor. Definitely under rated.

In the end, all these will get you through in a crutch and could be a solid cheap base to a wild and wacky meal. So don’t sleep on them they are there when needed.

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