AnShu Asian Café Experience

Back in the saddle with another great experience. This time I hit up AnShu Asisan café in Aiken. Now this restaurant is located in the villages at woodside. Great location with other restaurants around in the quite laidback setting. Now I did take out for this experience but their dinning room is excellent for a great meal out, great food and cocktails if you like that kind of thing.

Now for my order I got the MeiFun Noodles with shrimp and got them spicy as well as appetizer order of shrimp tempura. Now for those of you who don’t knw me a little insight before we begin. I love soy sauce like a crack head likes crack, and not the green top weak stuff I need that magic red top full throttle feel it in your bones soy sauce. However AnShu does the Meifun to perfection with carrots, cabbage, egg, noodles that I just dive straight in no soy sauce the spice was a perfect ballet of flavor and heat the shrimp were plentiful. And yes I slurped down the hole plate like my life depened on it.

Now that Ive got your attention. Lets talk about the shrimp tempura. This is magical, best shrimp tempura around the batter is light and fluffy, but with a solid crisp not that over fried greasy mess you get at most places. The shrimp is the star and yes I did drown these in soy sauce just my preference. I cant recommend this place enough. Service was quick and amazing. Go Now.

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