CoVID-19 Food Battle Part 4

Mac and Chesse

Its #NationalMacandCheeseday. This is a battle that has gone on for decades. It is deeply rooted in peoples souls. There have been deaths on both sides of the battle. Both of these fierce and tasty boxes of goodness that have saved us all from hangovers and made us happy as kids. This is the battle of Kraft Mac and Cheese Vs. Velvetta Shells and Cheese. Now that we are all breaking out of our homes, lets get down and dirty and get deep in some oooey goooey food.

We start with what they say is “the cheesiest” The box has a solid feel, feels nice and heavy like its there to cure world hunger in one box. The orange and Blue are bright and inviting. Much like the beam of the UFO that took you aboard and did test on you that one night. All is good, then boom kraft drops the ball, needing milk and butter. Come on guys, thats effort and drunk people and toddlers cant handle effort we need simple. But I’ll fight through and follow your lead, but again like the ufo you better take me to your leader and I better be happy. Once I suffer through the trials and tribulations of making it. Im impressed. the noodles are all together ready to be shoved in my mouth. I can’t wait.

Now down to taste. Cheesiest, is not the word. I’m just not feeling it guys. I’m loving the butter noodles but not the cheesiest. Much like top ramen, it needs more cowbell. Now for the Drunk and the Toodler this is still a must have and a go too. Don’t stop Won’t Stop.

Now round two Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Much like Kraft I get the Blue and Yellow coming at me, earning for my love as if I left for a pack of smokes when they were 10 years old. Solid weight as well, could defiantly take someone out by knocking them out with the box. Even better, I get noodles and a pack of cheese simple. The toodler and the drunk are so relived its like music from the angles. So again I get to work and get it all made up.

Now, this is the cheesiest, but I’ll be honest I have no clue what I’m eating out of that packet but It is tasty and it’s doing the job of making me happy.

So on this #MacandCheeseday. Go grab a box of both and mix and enjoy. But you will need to hit the gym the day after.

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