Quarantine Part 5

Sorry Charlie!!!!!

Here we go again. Now by this time a majority of us are free going about our daily routine and experiencing the wonderful bites of food around us. Most of us don’t have to scum to whatever is in the back of the pantry. But then again there are still those that are stuck in the darkness, the abyss, the black hole of quarantine. This post is for those, and whoever else needs a good laugh at bad pictures, bad grammar, nonsensical random writing, and an escape.

This a post about Starkist Tuna creations. Now let’s be honest this is not 5 star food hell this is food that a lot of people would not even look at, touch, not to mention eat. But come on now these are crazy times. At least I’m not writing about SPAM yet. Now there are some great benefits to these packs.

First price. I scored these three for $1.50 crazy.

2nd Calories and Proteins. Now I’m defiantly not a fitness excerpt in fact I’m the inventor of the Not A Dad Dad Bod. But low calories and high protein seem to be in vogue right now so hop on the band wagon.

3rd portability. these pouches easily fit in a purse, a musre, backpack or glove compartment. Now for those of you who don’t know a murse is a man purse and for probably those same people these can easily fit in the glove box with your guns.

The downside. well there are a few. One the package is not resealable so it’s go big or go home. Another downside well let’s be honest and keeping with the theme sorry charlie it does kind of, maybe, actually look like cat food. Just being honest.

However in fairness all three had really solid and different flavors, great portion size. Overall a great buy for a buys day when your having to eat lunch at your desk, or you want to give you kids something semi healthy with flavor. Don’t hate on Charlie.

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