Quarantine Part 5

Sorry Charlie!!!!! Here we go again. Now by this time a majority of us are free going about our daily routine and experiencing the wonderful bites of food around us. Most of us don’t have to scum to whatever is in the back of the pantry. But then again there are still those that areContinue reading “Quarantine Part 5”

CoVID-19 Food Battle Part 4

Mac and Chesse Its #NationalMacandCheeseday. This is a battle that has gone on for decades. It is deeply rooted in peoples souls. There have been deaths on both sides of the battle. Both of these fierce and tasty boxes of goodness that have saved us all from hangovers and made us happy as kids. ThisContinue reading “CoVID-19 Food Battle Part 4”

AnShu Asian Café Experience

Back in the saddle with another great experience. This time I hit up AnShu Asisan café in Aiken. Now this restaurant is located in the villages at woodside. Great location with other restaurants around in the quite laidback setting. Now I did take out for this experience but their dinning room is excellent for aContinue reading “AnShu Asian Café Experience”

Quarantine Challenge #3

3 is the magic number so why not make the 3rd challenge just that magical. Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s Ramen and not just any Ramen Maruchan Instant Lunch. Now being the good ex dorm living man I am, I know the tricks, adding soy sauce, cheese, egg, trust me you can take this fromContinue reading “Quarantine Challenge #3”

Quarantine Challenge #2

Toaster Pastries AKA Pop Tarts As we are all still staying at home staying safe I bring to you another quarantine challenge. For this challenge we go again to something familiar, cheap and easy to find. That morning favorite. Pop tarts. This is pop tarts vs. store brand. Pop tarts bring me back to elementaryContinue reading “Quarantine Challenge #2”

MJ’S Genesis Seafood and More- Experience.

We are still stuck in the days of quarantine. Now more than ever it’s important to support local businesses as we can. Go out and try a new spot, get a new experience not just to get out of the house, but to get out of your rountine and broden your horizon during these times.Continue reading “MJ’S Genesis Seafood and More- Experience.”

Quarantine Challenge #1

Campbell’s vs. Chef Boyardee So most of us are stuck at home, no where to run no where to hide. So that means your stuck with me again. This time is figure we’d do things a little different let’s go back to the 80,s where foods would battle it out in mall taste test. NowContinue reading “Quarantine Challenge #1”

Wings and Ale Experience

Columbia, SC Thursday just another day in quarantine. Working away in Columbia.  Got a club sandwich with steak fries. Now looking at it. Looks like your normal club, you know what your getting. But I’m going to compare this to a small party at a friends house. Yes it’s reliable you know your going toContinue reading “Wings and Ale Experience”