AnShu Asian Café Experience

Back in the saddle with another great experience. This time I hit up AnShu Asisan café in Aiken. Now this restaurant is located in the villages at woodside. Great location with other restaurants around in the quite laidback setting. Now I did take out for this experience but their dinning room is excellent for a great meal out, great food and cocktails if you like that kind of thing.

Now for my order I got the MeiFun Noodles with shrimp and got them spicy as well as appetizer order of shrimp tempura. Now for those of you who don’t knw me a little insight before we begin. I love soy sauce like a crack head likes crack, and not the green top weak stuff I need that magic red top full throttle feel it in your bones soy sauce. However AnShu does the Meifun to perfection with carrots, cabbage, egg, noodles that I just dive straight in no soy sauce the spice was a perfect ballet of flavor and heat the shrimp were plentiful. And yes I slurped down the hole plate like my life depened on it.

Now that Ive got your attention. Lets talk about the shrimp tempura. This is magical, best shrimp tempura around the batter is light and fluffy, but with a solid crisp not that over fried greasy mess you get at most places. The shrimp is the star and yes I did drown these in soy sauce just my preference. I cant recommend this place enough. Service was quick and amazing. Go Now.


Quarantine Challenge #2

Toaster Pastries AKA Pop Tarts

As we are all still staying at home staying safe I bring to you another quarantine challenge. For this challenge we go again to something familiar, cheap and easy to find. That morning favorite. Pop tarts. This is pop tarts vs. store brand.

Pop tarts bring me back to elementary school heating one up and eating it on the way to the bus stop. Good times, good memories.

As I look at both boxes both armed bright fun, brings your eyes in to welcome you wake you to a breakfast treat.

Now as we take out the packages the differences start. The store brand lets me know it’s strawberry faithful that I know what I’m putting in my mouth, now pop tarts no clue what flavor so without the box your playing a new quarantine game pop tart roulette. So pop tarts time to bring a multifavor box to the market and make it a game for the whole family.

As I take them out, one big difference. Hey pop tarts where’s the frosting. The store brand is covered where pop tarts definitely missing the mark. Through this tragedy we keep moving forward.

I place both in the toaster same temperature same time. Take them out and they look tasty a little browner.

Time to eat. I open them up so you can see the flavor now this is where pop tarts takes the lead. The store brand in a thin layer of red where pop tarts you can see you jelly and texture. Get in my belly. Both have that similar taste but pop tarts brings that filling. Definitely a challenge for the whole family.

During these times we must find little things to smile about. Mine is in sarcastic fun writing about food. Share this with your friends as my writing will get better and better. Subscribe and any feedback is great.

Quarantine Part 5

Sorry Charlie!!!!!

Here we go again. Now by this time a majority of us are free going about our daily routine and experiencing the wonderful bites of food around us. Most of us don’t have to scum to whatever is in the back of the pantry. But then again there are still those that are stuck in the darkness, the abyss, the black hole of quarantine. This post is for those, and whoever else needs a good laugh at bad pictures, bad grammar, nonsensical random writing, and an escape.

This a post about Starkist Tuna creations. Now let’s be honest this is not 5 star food hell this is food that a lot of people would not even look at, touch, not to mention eat. But come on now these are crazy times. At least I’m not writing about SPAM yet. Now there are some great benefits to these packs.

First price. I scored these three for $1.50 crazy.

2nd Calories and Proteins. Now I’m defiantly not a fitness excerpt in fact I’m the inventor of the Not A Dad Dad Bod. But low calories and high protein seem to be in vogue right now so hop on the band wagon.

3rd portability. these pouches easily fit in a purse, a musre, backpack or glove compartment. Now for those of you who don’t know a murse is a man purse and for probably those same people these can easily fit in the glove box with your guns.

The downside. well there are a few. One the package is not resealable so it’s go big or go home. Another downside well let’s be honest and keeping with the theme sorry charlie it does kind of, maybe, actually look like cat food. Just being honest.

However in fairness all three had really solid and different flavors, great portion size. Overall a great buy for a buys day when your having to eat lunch at your desk, or you want to give you kids something semi healthy with flavor. Don’t hate on Charlie.

CoVID-19 Food Battle Part 4

Mac and Chesse

Its #NationalMacandCheeseday. This is a battle that has gone on for decades. It is deeply rooted in peoples souls. There have been deaths on both sides of the battle. Both of these fierce and tasty boxes of goodness that have saved us all from hangovers and made us happy as kids. This is the battle of Kraft Mac and Cheese Vs. Velvetta Shells and Cheese. Now that we are all breaking out of our homes, lets get down and dirty and get deep in some oooey goooey food.

We start with what they say is “the cheesiest” The box has a solid feel, feels nice and heavy like its there to cure world hunger in one box. The orange and Blue are bright and inviting. Much like the beam of the UFO that took you aboard and did test on you that one night. All is good, then boom kraft drops the ball, needing milk and butter. Come on guys, thats effort and drunk people and toddlers cant handle effort we need simple. But I’ll fight through and follow your lead, but again like the ufo you better take me to your leader and I better be happy. Once I suffer through the trials and tribulations of making it. Im impressed. the noodles are all together ready to be shoved in my mouth. I can’t wait.

Now down to taste. Cheesiest, is not the word. I’m just not feeling it guys. I’m loving the butter noodles but not the cheesiest. Much like top ramen, it needs more cowbell. Now for the Drunk and the Toodler this is still a must have and a go too. Don’t stop Won’t Stop.

Now round two Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Much like Kraft I get the Blue and Yellow coming at me, earning for my love as if I left for a pack of smokes when they were 10 years old. Solid weight as well, could defiantly take someone out by knocking them out with the box. Even better, I get noodles and a pack of cheese simple. The toodler and the drunk are so relived its like music from the angles. So again I get to work and get it all made up.

Now, this is the cheesiest, but I’ll be honest I have no clue what I’m eating out of that packet but It is tasty and it’s doing the job of making me happy.

So on this #MacandCheeseday. Go grab a box of both and mix and enjoy. But you will need to hit the gym the day after.

Quarantine Challenge #3

3 is the magic number so why not make the 3rd challenge just that magical. Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s Ramen and not just any Ramen Maruchan Instant Lunch.

Now being the good ex dorm living man I am, I know the tricks, adding soy sauce, cheese, egg, trust me you can take this from fast food to five star in seconds but we are doing this straight up now chaser.

We start with the number 1 contender and fan favorite chicken. Now the nice thing about the instant lunch there is no packet, much like a batch of your moms brownies the magic is stuck to the bowl. In this case its a yellow powder, and please for the love of god don’t try and snort this powder. Just pour water, put it in the microwave, and then pull it out stir it up and drain the liquid and no you can not do this with your wife so she won’t get pregnant. Now with the chicken its a light flavor actually in most cases the carrots take over but not a bad thing at all. It will give you that food boost and not kill you with flavor or salt.

Now on to the beef. This is not Wendy’s there is no asking where the beef is, as soon as you pop the top you get a strong hint of beef smell. And again, no cheating here no cheddar cheese, no bacon bits, just straight up Ramen. Now this definitely hits the plate harder than chicken you get slapped upside with a salty brown taste and for those still reading I’m above the obvious joke there. The beef feels a little more like a meal than a snack.

Now to the bastard child that is Shrimp. This is the one that you will find alive and well even after all the viruses hit, the atom bombs have been dropped and all virgin gamers have been laid. You will be able to find shrimp Maruchan Instant lunch on the shelves. Now im not sure why all the bad wrap here, The smell is a tad fishy but much less that you would expect it gives a nice soft flavor. Definitely under rated.

In the end, all these will get you through in a crutch and could be a solid cheap base to a wild and wacky meal. So don’t sleep on them they are there when needed.

MJ’S Genesis Seafood and More- Experience.

We are still stuck in the days of quarantine. Now more than ever it’s important to support local businesses as we can. Go out and try a new spot, get a new experience not just to get out of the house, but to get out of your rountine and broden your horizon during these times.

Now MJ’s Genesis Seafood and More is defenitley off the beaten path. It’s where the Kool Spot in Beech Island was back in the day. And well if you don’t know Beech Island and are in the CSRA it’s where James Brown lived. It maybe a little bit of a drive for some folks, but its springtime the weather is great, time to hop on the Bike, or open up the sunroof and head down some backroads.

Most Seafood places have a pretty cookie cutter menu, Not MJ’s not only will you find the Alligator Dinner and Shrimp basket that I got. You will find items such as Bass, Perch, and Frog Legs.

Now as I said I ordered a Shrimp Basket that came with Fries and The Alligator Dinner that comes with Two Sides. Now when you think of Genesis you think of the bald amazing drumming and singing stylings of Phil Collins. Phil wasn’t there but these guys come smooth and quick with the service and once you taste the food you will definitely be “In Too Deep”.

Most seafood places that do fried offerings just have one batter and they put everything in it and it all taste the same, same oil same spice, same everything, these places you can order fried Styrofoam and it would taste the same as fried shrimp. That’s not the case with Mj’s Genesis seafood. you can tell by the look and smell, two different batters, two different oils, these boys are bringing the real deal to you. The shrimp has a light batter, you take a bite get a solid crispy buttery bite with a little spice then boom its all shrimp as the true flavor comes through. The gator, well its a heavier batter, but don’t let it fool you these pieces are all gator you take a bite get a great mixture of chew and crisp, then a burst of spice hits smooth the gator is cooked to perfection and as you can tell these are no cookie cutter bites these guys are wrasilin with the gator making the plate just for you, oh and the sauce with the gator is a match made in heaven.

So if your in the CSRA, take a nice spring drive and head down. #Supportlocal, #takeout, #Quarantine #Covid19 #Smallbusiness

Quarantine Challenge #1

Campbell’s vs. Chef Boyardee

So most of us are stuck at home, no where to run no where to hide. So that means your stuck with me again. This time is figure we’d do things a little different let’s go back to the 80,s where foods would battle it out in mall taste test. Now instead of a radical tubular mall we have my elegant coffee table. And while I don’t have the feathered and quaffed hair I do have the power to draw you in with words.

Today’s challenge

Chef boy r dee spaghetti and meatballs vs. Campbell’s spaghetti and meatballs.

Now from first glance they are very similar both have a magical orange hue that match my designer fine China and also remind me of my best friends dad’s BMW 2002. But just like a big girl say it’s not what’s on the outside but the inside so lets take a taste and see where we end up. Note I’m down to the last roll of tp so I am truly living on the edge.

Now just at first glance at the cans. Campbell’s comes solid with a bigger can making the fat kid in me happy. Also trying to get some points with Mario and Luigi. Definitely saying it’s have a good time. Chef boyardee is on the can regal and majestic as always and I’m getting some abcs, 124,s so not only is a chef taking care of me I’m going to learn as well. So far a tie. With both I’m getting a solid experience for my fun side and my brain. Plus both come equipped with a pop top for easy access and for those wondering yes that is what she said,

Now down to the nitty gritty. Taste, taste taste. Truly not much to say. There is a reason both of these are magical for the quarantine. They are familiar. Now chef boyardee hits with a deep rustic taste where as Campbell’s is a little lighter. Campbell’s is straight forward you get the o,s boyardee a little more flexing with numbers and letters. Meatball wise they both come fairly strong, a fair amount in each can but Campbell’s does swing with some bigger balls. Overall you could do a lot worse through the crazy time of quarantine. Now go to the store grab a few cans. They will always be there for you. Keep a look out for quarantine challenge #2. And as always. Share with your friends, subscribe, and feedback is always welcome.

Wings and Ale Experience

Columbia, SC

Thursday just another day in quarantine. Working away in Columbia. 

Got a club sandwich with steak fries.

Now looking at it. Looks like your normal club, you know what your getting. But I’m going to compare this to a small party at a friends house. Yes it’s reliable you know your going to have a good time. Everyone you know is there, Ham, Turkey, bacon, cheese .everyone has their role and it’s time for a good time. Then boom your best friend walks in calling for shots shots shots, that’s were this club has a pesto mayo that hits you with a surprise but totally in a good way. And much like a house party this sandwich also has that sweet girl comforting you making sure everyone is safe, because this sandwich doesn’t bring just American cheese it comforts and soothes with the Swiss as well. This is definitely a cool, comforting, and tasty sandwich.

Now I got the steak fries and let me tell you these bad boys are golden and crispy and well they might be better than bounty paper towels at soaking up some booze.

I highly recommend Wings and Ale. Support your local restaurants the service was fast, cant wait to try more of the menu and put down a few beers and shots with a meal.

And look at that my fav shot right next to the wing and ale sign. Perfection

The Almost Empty Freezer

This is a post I have been meaning to put up for awhile. I am trying to get more focused on the blog and see where it can lead. In these crazy days it felt like a good time to fire it up and give people a distraction. So here we go.

Yes this blog is mostly about food, but food comes from and can take you many places. This is about an almost empty freezer at my grandparents house.


I am up here with my family helping get the house ready for sale and to move things out. This is no ordinary freezer. This is a basement freezer. It is currently filled with things for my parents to munch on, and a cake probably left over from my grandmothers memorial which is only fitting since this same freezers held hundreds if not thousands of cakes over the decades.

Whenever I came up there were also at least 5 cake options from recipes she would have found and wanted me to my siblings to try. Sounds like a magical place right. Only there was a catch. We would be tasting the grand ideas from 5 years ago. The fresh stuff had to bunk in the freezer and marinate for years. Now in all honesty she was a pretty good baker and these 5 year old treats weren’t half bad in fact if they were fresh I’d say they would be quite decedent.

The freezer has other stories such as the 7 year old fresh squeezed lemonade. My brother brought it upstairs it was one of those jugs you get from a fresh farmers market. The kind that is perfect on a summer day. This however had a date a few or more than a few years past. We laughed then well through in a little vodka and a few drinks later the bottle is empty. Have to admit it wasn’t half bad, got a good buzz, didn’t die a win win win in my book.

My favorite freezer story though is of my father. One trip we are hanging around the house having a good time. We are mostly down in the basement playing pool. My dad decides to go scouring for food. He enters the freezer and finds a box of chocolate cover graham crackers from some fancy place in New York. Now these are the unicorn of the freezer . These are fresh and brand new. He proceeds to eat one, tells us how wonderful they are and even shares a few bites. But since he shared he had to get another of his own. By that time my grandmother came down and then proceeded to scold him for eating her treats. The siblings and I knew where we stood then. Fresh treats off limits. So I end with this. Food can take you on magical journeys even the oldest smallest bite or drink can take you back in time.