Quarantine Part 5

Sorry Charlie!!!!! Here we go again. Now by this time a majority of us are free going about our daily routine and experiencing the wonderful bites of food around us. Most of us don’t have to scum to whatever is in the back of the pantry. But then again there are still those that areContinue reading “Quarantine Part 5”

Quarantine Challenge #3

3 is the magic number so why not make the 3rd challenge just that magical. Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s Ramen and not just any Ramen Maruchan Instant Lunch. Now being the good ex dorm living man I am, I know the tricks, adding soy sauce, cheese, egg, trust me you can take this fromContinue reading “Quarantine Challenge #3”

Quarantine Challenge #2

Toaster Pastries AKA Pop Tarts As we are all still staying at home staying safe I bring to you another quarantine challenge. For this challenge we go again to something familiar, cheap and easy to find. That morning favorite. Pop tarts. This is pop tarts vs. store brand. Pop tarts bring me back to elementaryContinue reading “Quarantine Challenge #2”